Stay Safe For New Years

The Christmas period is one of the most dangerous to be on the road, not just because of the conditions. Stay safe when you drive, due to the festivities driving between the Christmas and New Year period can be dangerous. In 2012 there where 280 people killed by motorists who were over the drink driving limit with also 1,210 people injured. Many people like to have a drink as a celebration which is perfectly fine, but please take either public transport or a taxi back home, stay at a hotel if you have to, it is not worth the risk of driving!

Around this time of year an average of 65 people die due to collisions with drink drivers, the Government are pushing messages out over this winter that the convictions (Such as DR10s) can lead to unemployment and hardship, they are doing all they can to make people avoid drink driving. They are right in saying this, 27% of people would have to quit their job if they were convicted and got their licence taken off them due to them needing a car to get to work. There are several industries that require you to have a vehicle such as care, teaching, banking and financing and more, is it really worth getting behind the wheel after a few?

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and having a great time and some festive celebrations, why would you want to ruin that and the rest of the New Year, maybe even your life by getting behind the wheel after one of these festive occasions? Remember that if you do go behind the wheel you are risking your life, job, livelihood as well as others on the road at that time, so just don’t do it!