Debit Card Hire, Available For Locals In Ireland

Arranging car hire with a debit card in Ireland has always been particularly hard, and up until now we’ve only been able to arrange for hirers flying in and out of the country, with no way of helping those that actually live in Ireland. This is now no longer the case, and we’ve made an arrangement with one of our suppliers to offer debit card car hire to locals across the country!

Locations In Ireland


The only requirement is that you must be over 25 (no max age limit either!), have an Irish licence and be able to present some proof of employment – such as a recent wage slip.

These options are also all paid upon arrival and have a low deposit of just 250.00 EUR held on the debit card for the hire, so you don’t have to have a huge amount tied up on your card.

As this is quite a specialist option it cannot be booked on our website, so please ensure you contact us directly to arrange something. Either by emailing us to or giving us a call on 0113 88 00 748 or +353 (0)14 366 927