Van Hire With No Credit Card

Van hire isn’t as common as car hire in the UK however, we can arrange this in a number of locations and we do all sorts of deals such as no deposit and young driver van hire, however one of the questions we regularly get is can you do van hire with no credit card? As you may be aware car hire without a credit card is one of our most popular offers so we felt it would be ideal if we could do the same for our customers that want to get their hands on a van.

Majority of any kind of rental companies only take credit cards as a payment method, this is due to how easy it is to take payment whenever they need. This can prove problematic for some as many people don’t have credit card or just don’t like using one, myself included and its fully justifiable as it’s so easy to get into debt through regularly using the credit card. Therefor we need to look at an alternative payment method that was suitable.

We had an idea, everyone has a debit card! So we got to work and called all the van hire suppliers main offices in order to organise deals, eventually we managed to negotiate one. This came with certain conditions however in regards to the card. To find out if your card will be accepted at the location you wish to hire at, please contact us.

We can offer this service at several locations all across the UK, if you are interested in getting this then please call us directly on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us on, please DO NOT book online as we can’t ensure that you get the right supplier.