Debit Card Car Hire Bergerac Airport

Debit Card Car Hire Bergerac Airport NEWS FLASH

Indigo Car Hire is pleased to inform you that we are offering Debit Card Car Hire Bergerac AirportFrance.

You probably know that debit card car hire a a very difficult task,and not many companies are able to offer this service. Our Car Hire Experts managed to close a very good deal with a prestigious supplier, and made Debit Card Car Hire Bergerac Airport possible for you.

Bergerac Airport is also called Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, and connects this part of France to many important European destinations. Bergerac Airport is a small size airport and it is located few kilometres away from the city of Bergerac.

Debit Card Car Hire Conditions in Bergerac Airport

Our car hire experts made the Debit Card Car Hire Conditions in Bergerac Airport very easy to be met. As usual the conditions refers to the types of the debit cards and the car hire deposit.

The debit cards accepted by our supplier are :

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard

The cards must have embossed numbers on their front-face. Cards like: Maestro, Electron, Solo, Switch, Cash Cards…etc are not accepted by our supplier.

Another condition for Debit Card Car Hire Bergerac Airport is the deposit you’ll need to pay for the car rental. In this case the deposit required for an economy size car like Ford Fiesta is 250 Euros and 320 Euros for a compact class car(ex: Volkswagen Golf).


Situated in South-West France, Aquitaine, Dordogne, the city of Bergerac, very famous for its wines and tobacco. Bergerac offers some of the finest wines in the Bordeaux region. It is also known for its active cultural life and numerous leisure and sporting activities.

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