Car Hire With A Debit Card In Paris

Debit card car hire is hard to find at the best of times however it’s particularly hard to find in Paris, we have managed to work our way round this in order for it to be made easier for you to arrange car hire with a debit card in Paris.

Being one of the largest tourist destinations in the world its often important to hire a car so we worked tirelessly to find a way of supplying you this option and the great news is that we now offer debit card car rental in two major locations within Paris.

One of these locations is Gare du Nord, the international train station and of course the destination/departure of the Eurostar making it a major station as in fact it is the busiest station in Europe with around 190 million customers per year. The other location is Levallois-Perret a suburb just outside of Paris with a distance of approximately 4 miles, within Levallois-Perret there are four rail stations and two free buses that circulate around town making it easily accessible. Two of the arguably main locations that we unfortunately cant supply Debit card car hire are Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or also known as Roissy Airport and Orly airport.

Unfortunately there is no way of getting around the Orly airport location unless you get a taxi or something of that kind. However there is hope for the CDG airport, there is a direct rail from CDG airport to Gare du Nord that doesn’t take long at all and is very cost effective with a train available every 15 minutes and only costing €9.25 for an adult fare and would give you the option of Car Hire With A Debit Card In Paris.

These offers are only available with the Minimum Age being 21 (with additional charges) and no charge for over 25s. In order to be accepted it must be a Visa Debit with raised numbers which you can tell by running your fingers over the card. Unfortunately Solo, Electron, Switch, Maestro, Prepaid debit cards, prepaid credit cards and Laser cards are not accepted. However you MUST CALL OR EMAIL to reserve and we will make sure we book your car hire in Paris as we have selected suppliers.

We work with over 500 suppliers so if you were to go ahead and book online there is no guarantee you would get the supplier that is offering this deal and when collecting the car you may be charged the extra fee for your car hire.