Bank Account Number Not Shown On Debit Card

Recently we got an extremely interesting question in regards to a Nat West debit card. As you may know in several of our locations we can allow debit cards as we have managed to arrange deals all over the world, typically with this however there are three major restrictions which are the name on your licence must match your card, it must be a visa debit and the numbers must be embossed.

The enquiry we had however stated that their card met all of these requirements but there was no account number printed on the card, the worry for them was whether it would prevent them from being able to hire a vehicle.

After some research we found out that over the last few months many of the banks have been removing the account numbers from their new cards which includes both credit and debit cards, and it turns out that this was for security purposes.

Two of the main banks that we found out had been doing these was the Royal Bank of Scotland and like the person who had enquired Natwest. We checked with some of our suppliers to see if this was a card that they would still accept.

Many of them got back to us with the reply that as long as the drivers name is on the card and the 16 digits are across the front then this would be fine. There are however a few suppliers that will not be able to take these cards so you need to make sure that you call us in advance and notify us of your situation of not having your bank account number showing on your card.

If you are interested in hiring a car but see that there is no bank account number showing on any part of your card then please make sure you let us know and do not book online. If you want to contact one of our advisors for a quote where this can be accepted then call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and we will get right back to you.