Low Deposit Options Now Available In Iceland

We have been able to arrange a low deposit in Iceland for some time now, though it’s consistently had one big drawback – you must take out the full insurance on arrival, which often dwarves the rental cost itself. With the new arrangements we’ve been working on though, we now have the option of a low 150.00 EUR deposit without taking out extra insurance.

This is great news for those hiring with a budget, it’s simple as simply paying the rental cost on arrival and holding the 150 EUR on your card, which is of course released back to you at the end of the hire. The main location we can offer this from is Keflavik International Airport, the most popular place for hiring, but if looking to hire elsewhere in Iceland please contact us and we may be able to arrange something.

There are plenty of other benefits that come with this option too, here are some of the other services we can provide:

Young drivers – the minimum age is just 18, with the only requirement being that you must have held a licence for at least a year, a huge contrast to the some of the harsh restrictions from other suppliers.

Pay on arrival – the rental cost with this option is fully paid upon pickup with free cancellation anytime before the rental date, so don’t worry about having to commit to paying the rental up front.

Large variety of vehicles – from Fiat 500’s to 7-seaters and Land Rovers, all available with low deposit.

As always make sure you contact us directly for these specialist option so we can ensure you are with the right supplier – you can call us on +44 (0) 1138800748, or email us at sales@indigocarhire.co.uk.