Travelling To Greece? You Need To Read This

ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents have released a statement warning that Brits heading for a holiday in Greece this summer should take extra cash with them in case of emergency. Although currency changeovers wont be instant, if Greece are forced to leave the European Union then it could cause problems for some travellers.

Basically what they are saying is to ensue that you have more than one means of paying for things while you are there. If something happens before you travel then there is a possibility that the holiday could be cancelled so please ensure that you have the relevant cover/insurance as part of your package.

In truth, the financial problems in Greece should not affect any Brits on holiday and there are no warnings in place not to visit the beautiful country but just be aware of the situation. Carrying cash/euros and debit or credit card, or preferably even both, should cover all eventualities.

If anything does happen the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) will update the necessary associations immediately.