Top 5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

People tend in winter to head off skiing, or to somewhere cold just to get in the mood. There’s a few of us however that enjoy escaping the cold weather and going somewhere warm for the winter, so where are the best places to escape to get a nice bit of sun in December? We have compiled our Top 5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations to share with you guys and give you some ideas.

Top 5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations by Indigo

#5 Cape Town – South Africa
It’s in another hemisphere to the UK, meaning warmth! Cape Town boasts an amazing scenery, great beaches and fantastic places to wine and dine with fabulous local food. The city in South Africa is popular no matter the time of year but it’s a fantastic place to consider for winter due to its lovely warm climate, perhaps the best part of the holiday would be the fact there would be no jet lag! Cape Town is in the same time zone as the UK.

#4 Sydney Australia
Sydney is Australia’s most famous and largest city and the capital of New South Wales. Sydney offers a lot of spectacular driving routes, one being the Grand Pacific Drive.
This spectacular drive does through the Stanwell Tops, the winding Sea Cliff Bridge and also has glamorous views of the golden beaches that Australia is known for.

#3 Paphos – Cyprus
Even in the coldest months you will find yourself out in a t shirt and shorts bracing the warm weather. Paphos is a city right on the coastline of the Mediterranean in Cyprus, enjoy the fantastic beaches, warm ocean and beach side restaurants this winter. Paphos won’t let you down, it’s everything you expect!

#2 Tenerife – Canary Islands (Spain)
Summer all the time, all the Canary island destinations are popular in winter including Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and so on but Tenerife just edges it and not just because its flag looks like the Scotland one. Tenerife is one of the only places in winter you can kick back in your swimming trunks and in the distance see the tops of mountains covered in snow, you get that winter feeling even without meaning too!

#1 Miami – Florida
With more than 800 miles of beaches and world class attractions, Florida is one of the places you must visit at least once in your life time.
Miami is one of Florida’s top attractions, due its famous beaches, legendary resorts, world class shopping and historic landmarks.
Miami, among other things is a business hub and leader in media, entertainment arts, commerce, finance and culture leading to its nickname ‘Capital of Latin America’. Miami was also rated Americas Cleanest City by Forbes magazine.