Debit Cards Accepted At Strasbourg Airport

We have a new location to add to the list in France, Strasbourg Airport on the border with Germany is now open and on top of all of the usual offerings, you can also pay with your debit card.

Exploring North East France & South West Germany without a credit card is now a possibility for most. Debit cards have been accepted in France for sometime now but Strasbourg Airport is the latest addition to this list.

Other Offers At Strasbourg Airport

We have various other offers available at Strasbourg Airport. Not all necessarily with the same supplier meaning they may not be available together on the same rental. To double check it is always best to contact us before making a booking.

Young Drivers: You can hire a car from the age of 18, unfortunately this does attract a fee.
Older Drivers: You can hire a car up to the age of 99 years old.
Cross Border Hires: Take your vehicle across the border in to Germany or beyond. However, vehicles must be returned to the collection location.
Low Deposits: You can hire a vehicle in Strasbourg with a deposit as low as 250 EUR.