Some Flights In & Around Europe To Resume In June..

Over the last week or so several airlines have announced flights around Europe will resume from June / July. For some people travelling will be a complete no go for many months, others are accepting holidays will be halted until 2021 with the hope the current pandemic will be under control. But many people are itching to get away after been under government lockdown measures for many weeks / months and hoping their summer holidays will still go ahead.

Seeing lots of mixed feelings and opinions flying around on the internet and social media, from one extreme to the other. We all will regardless of our thoughts and opinions need to accept if we do choose to travel it will not be the same for some time. As a parent to 2 young girls I have listed some of the steps I would take if we did decide to get away this summer.

Avoid public transport where possible

Occasionally when flying out our local regional airport which is no more than 15-20 minutes away, we have opted for the option of taking a taxi. However, I would opt to park our car at the onsite airport long stay car park, for 7 days you can park your car safely from around £60. Just means you can travel to the airport in your own car without the added pressure of lugging the cases around as well as ensuring social distancing guidelines are in place, especially with a strong willed 6 year old, this would be a challenge.

Use online check in

Most airlines now have the option for online check in, you can either print off your boarding passes or even better save to your smart phone. I would also book the express queue to speed up the process of passport control / security.

Hand luggage only

Something I have started to do over the last few years anyway, as we all know we do not need or wear half of what we usually pack. Taking hand luggage again just removes the need to queue up at the check in desks. You can sail though with your pre-printed boarding pass. This also means you can always keep your luggage with you and carry on the aircraft.

Take plenty of hand sanitiser

Make sure you have a few bottles in your handbag, always handy when you are out and about. But do remember to make sure they are not over 100ml to adhere with liquid hand luggage rules. This combined with lots of regular hand washing.

Rent a car

This is the biggie, avoiding public transport or any transfers that are often built into your holiday package. Having a rental car just removes this worry, you can travel to and from your destination in the comfort of your own rental car. Car Rental providers are taking extra measures to ensure vehicles are careful cleaned, with extra focus on the areas such as the steering wheel, gear stick, door handles which has regular contact with renters and members of staff.
Having a rental car just means throughout your stay you can make trips to the local supermarket, beaches with minimum contact with other holiday makers.

Avoid hotels

Something we as a family prefer anyway, is to rent a villa or apartment. Again, this just means you can relax in a home from home environment and able to minimise possible contact with other holiday makers. Also, able to cook and prepare family meals as you would been at home.
Of course, there will be things that we usually like to do that would be missed, such as trips to the water park or eating out at local restaurants. But been able to get away as a family with these tweaks would be manageable.

Just some helpful tips and thoughts, if you have any other suggestions / ideas please feel free to share with us for our customers to see……