Car Hire In Northern Cyprus

Can I Hire A Car in Northern Cyprus?

We’ve gotten quite a number of enquiries from people to looking to rent a car in Northern Cyprus recently. This is something that’s proven very difficult to do with the northern half of the island not under Cypriot control, despite the area still being regarded as very safe with many tourist hotspots.

Our Solution to hiring a car in Northern Cyrpus

Whilst we still don’t have any options to rent in Northern Cyprus itself unfortunately, we have now managed to arrange an option where you can take a rental car from Cyprus across the Green Line into Northern Cyprus, though there are some important stipulations to go through:

  • You are not covered under any insurance at all while driving in Northern Cyprus. As the area is not under control of the Cyprus Republic, the Cypriot insurers are not able to offer any coverage whilst you there – this means you are fully liable for any damage to the car whatsoever.
  • Breakdown / roadside assistance is not available whilst you are there either, you would have to arrange to have the car towed to the border yourself.

Now obviously these terms are no small matter so make sure you are fully aware of everything before renting, and by all means get in touch if you need any clarifications. If you are interested in car hire Northern Cyprus or any where else for that matter, Please contact us directly. To contact us you can either give us a call on +44 (0)1138800748 or email us directly to [email protected].