Taking A Hire Car Overseas

With the cost of international travel increasing and actual ‘low cost’ flights being almost non existent these days more and more people are deciding on self drive holidays and Taking A Hire Car Overseas. We have covered in the past that we have suppliers who will allow there vehicles to be taken abroad providing they are returned to the same location.

But, how do you go about arranging international travel in a hire car?

I recently booked the ferry from Dover to Calais and the first problem I encountered is the field asking me for a vehicle registration number… Stumped, you dont know the reg number until you pick the car up. I called the sales hotline and they said I could just add ‘HIRE CAR’ in that field and it will allow me to complete the booking.

When I returned from my trip I decided to investigate further, I looked at all kinds of sites for the ferries and the Eurostar and they are all prety much the same, some do have a tick box asking if the car is a rental which is helpful.

Another problem you may come across is the size of the vehicle slot you have booked, the cost to take a small car on the ferry or Eurostar is less than if you are driving a large family car or 4×4. Rental companies are renowned for selling out of the popular vehicles and providing larger vehicles as replacements, for example I once booked a small city car for a couple of days and ended up with a large estate car.

This will cause you problems, always ensure that you inform your broker or the supplier direct that you intend on taking the vehicle on the ferry/Eurostar, this will prompt them to try harder to provide the right vehicle for you.

Infact, you should always advise them when booking that you intend to take the vehicle out of the country as the supplier will need to arrange additional insurance and breakdown cover for you. This sometimes comes with an additional cost.

If you would like more information about this then please dont hesitate to contact us direct, you can call +44 (0)113 880 0748, chat with us online or email us on sales@indigocarhire.co.uk.