Recommended Vehicles to Hire this Fall

Autumn can be a very busy time, with the children going back to school and memories of summer receding into the murky past. So many of the cyclical tasks that greet us in September, however, can be made that much easier with a car rental.

The great thing about the fall is that prices are down on all tourist-related services including vehicle hires. That means renting a car in this time of transition is both affordable and eminently practical. Here are our recommended vehicles to hire this fall:

4x4 Car Hire1. Autumn Adventuring
With the changing colours, lack of tourists, and cheap prices on accommodation, many people take to the road in the Fall for a bit of off-road adventuring. Hiring a 4X4 will take you to all of those out-of-the-way places where you can admire nature’s brilliant hues as you throw another log on the campfire.

mpv car hire2. Organising the Kids
Despite the many trips you made last year (and the one before) there always seems to be a heap of things to buy, sort, order and collect when the kids are going back to school. If you rent an MPV, you can load in the children and still have room for all the stuff you’ll be dragging home at the end of the day.

Van Hire3. Moving Your Student
If you’ve finally got one leaving the nest, renting a van is the most economical and practical way to get all of their gear to their student lodgings. You’ll be able to get everything moved in one shot and have money left over to fill their fridge.

Car Hire Audi A8 Quattro4. Test Drives
With all the new models coming onto the market, there are great deals to be had for car buyers on last year’s remaining stock. If you’re not sure what you want, rent a vehicle and find out. All the most popular makes and models are available for hire, and you’ll have a real feel for the vehicle before you take the plunge.

Car Hire BMW 5 Series Estate5. A Romantic Retreat
Some may call Spring the season of love, but there’s nothing more romantic than curling up beside the fire in a country cottage after a day of strolling through the hills. Make your time away extra-special by renting a premium vehicle that will take you to your romantic retreat in comfort and affordable luxury.

These are just some of the recommended vehicles to hire this fall, and there are any number of other reasons why you may want to consider renting a vehicle in autumn. Just remember that they’re cheap, plentiful and amazingly useful at this time of year.