Driving Licence In Your Maiden Name?

As you can imagaine identification is needed to prove that you have a full licence and for various other details such as your age when you come to renting a car, another thing that is checked is that the name on the identification matches the name on the payment card. This can throw up one very specific issue if you have recently been married and your surname has changed.

When you get married there are tons of changes that you need to make and often one of the things that is left to last is changing the name on your driving licence, passport, credit or debit card. This can cause a bit of an issue when you come to hiring a car as one may not match the other and because of that you can be rejected.

There are solutions to this however; using other forms of ID can verify that you are in fact the owner of the card. Some suppliers however are stricter than others so you need to make sure that you book with a supplier that will allow you to use other forms of identification like a marriage certificate to prove your maiden name, it can be quite confusing for some and its always best to ensure that your identification is present and correct before arriving to pick up the car.

The marriage certificate must be written in Roman script meaning it can be read and understood by the supplier. This is similar to hiring a car with an international driving permit, this acts as a translation tool for the supplier.

To make sure that you don’t get stranded without a car you need to make sure that you get everything right before hand, to do this simply call us here at Indigo Car Hire. Each situation is different as to what identification they will accept so for more information contact our experienced reservation agents on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about car hire and find you a solution.