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Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport

Thrifty Car Hire Newcastle Airport
Halifax Road
Tyne & Wear
NE11 9JW

Collection Procedure

Thrifty at Newcastle airport aren’t located on site they are located at the Gateshead Metrocentre, Thrifty advise you to meet them at the information desk on the ground floor of the airport where you will get transferred over to the Metrocentre.

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday: 08:30 – 17:30
Thrifty charge a fee if you drop their hired vehicle off during hours that they aren’t operating.

Vehicles Availability

Thrifty who have their vehicles off site still have a massive fleet of vehicles suitable for any needs you may require. They have everything such as 4x4s, Luxury vehicles all the way down to the small compact cars which are easy to drive round towns and cities such as Newcastle.

Card Types Accepted

Thrifty are good in the way that they accept most cards including major debit and credit cards, they accept cards that other companies do like Maestro or switch which most other companies reject which is good.


The standard deposit for the normal cars is £150 for Thrifty if you use a debit card to hire. This is just set as a precautionary measure and is never actually taken out of your account it’s just frozen so you can’t access it.
If you decide upon a Luxury Vehicle then the deposit can be set at around the price of £1000 due to the expense of the car, you need to make sure you have the funds to be frozen in order to do this.


The excess at Newcastle airport/Metrocentre is for the standard vehicles a price of £500 and its of course more for the luxury cars and 4×4 at a price of around £1500, the larger vehicles also cost slightly more too at a price of £750.

Young Driver Car Hire

Young drivers are available to hire through Thrifty from the age of 21, this comes at an additional price of around £20/p day and you can only hire certain cars within their range such as the small compacts. The age you stop paying the young drivers fee is 25 which is standard as most companies. Thrifty however have an older driver policy where they only accept people under the age of 69 to not be charged, if you are over 69 you can still hire but its comes at an additional fee. To read more about young driver car hire please click here.

One way car hire

This form of car hire is useful if you need to get from one location to another without travelling back. It comes at an extra cost but can be very worth it in the long run rather than having to drop it off; this fee is usually around £35 – £45 depending. This is only from a UK branch to another UK branch, if you want to find out more about one way car hire read this link.

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