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Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport

Thrifty Car Hire Exeter Airport
Please call branch to arrange
Meet and Greet service
prior to your arrival

Collection Procedure

At Exeter Airport Thrifty offer a meet and greet service which is where you call them when you’re at the airport through their number and they drive the hired car too you right at the airport. This is because Thrifty are based off site, they have a desk at the airport but none of their car fleet.

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday: 08:30 – 17:30
And out of hours fee is charged if you drop your car off out of these opening hours, the fee is £47.

Vehicles Availability

As mentioned there fleet is not at Exeter airport but they still boast a huge fleet of cars just off site. They have any car size you may require from small cars like the Hyundai i30 or big cars like the Vauxhall Astra, they also have big 4x4s and luxury vehicles to suit any of the needs and wants you may have.

Card Types Accepted

The Exeter airport branch accepts all major debit and credit cards which is different from most car hire companies. Thrifty are good in the way that they accept everything like Solo or Switch cards etc whereas most car companies just reject almost all of the debit cards.


Thrifty cars just off branch at Exeter airport have a standard car deposit of around £150 if you pay through the use of your debit card. This is set as a just in case measure from Thrifty to ensure their vehicles comes back the way they gave you it.
The assets are just frozen and never actually taken out your account, the deposit is more depending also on the type of vehicle at Thrifty Luxury vehicles and 4x4s can have a deposit of around £1000 which can be halved dependant on which card you are using.


The excess at Exeter Airport on Thrifty cars varies much like the deposit in the way that standard cars have an excess of around £500 whereas the bigger cars such as the 4x4s and the luxury cars have a higher excess of £1500. Larger vehicles will cost about £750.

Young Driver Car Hire

There is an additional charge of £20/p for young drivers which at Thrifty are aged 21. In order to be out the band of young driver car hire at Thrifty you must be 25, only then will you not have to pay the young driver fee. In the terms and conditions Thrifty also have an older driver car hire which means that if you are over the age of 69 you will be charged an additional fee depending on your given circumstances, other companies don’t have an older age so if you are over 69 and want to book a car for lower prices contact us. If you wish to find out more information on young driver car hire please click this link.

One way car hire

Get from A to B without having to have the hassle of somehow bringing the car back. You can pick your car up at one branch in the UK and drop it off at another, however comes at an additional cost at Thrifty of around £35 – £40. If you want to find out more about one way car hire then you can read this link.

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