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Parking Ticket In A Rental Car

Parking Ticket In A Rental Car

Parking Ticket On A Rental Car

People often get into a bit of bother with parking whether they have done it accidently or not it happens to all of us, you arrive back at your car to see the nice yellow envelope with black writing slapped on your windscreen held with a bit of sticky tape. What do you do however if you find you have a parking ticket with a rental car? Don’t panic as there is an easy resolution to the issue.

So what happens if I got a parking ticket on my rental car?
The way round this is quick simple, if you are in a rental car and find yourself with a parking notice then the fine is issued to the car company who then alert the local authority and give them your details. You do however get charged the actual parking fine and on top of that you get an admin fine for the car rental company taking the time to contact the local authorities, this admin fine varies depending and is not issued by INDIGO its issued by the supplier of the vehicle eg Avis, Hertz. Despite the cost it is all dealt for you, before you start worrying about it all you have to do is wait for your letter of the fine to come through the door.

What about my 14 days that I have in order to half the cost of the payment?
Don’t be alaramed as you will still have these 14 days, as of the day the letter is sent to you personally you have 14 days to pay the fine at a reduced 50% price like you would get if it was your parking ticket, the time it’s being processed by the car hire company and the local authorities doesn’t affect any of your time that you have in order to get this reduced cost fine.

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