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Can I Get No Young Driver Additional Fee In Malta?

Can I Get No Young Driver Additional Fee In Malta?

“Can I Get No Young Driver Additional Fee In Malta?” is the question we get from many British young drivers who are spending their holidays in Malta.

Young driver’s additional fees can be extortionate sometimes and even in very rare cases exceed the price of the actual rental. This makes the subject of car hire affordable for many young drivers as its just far too expensive, we realise this at Indigo and always do our best to try and help lower and in cases eliminate young drivers fees all together. One of the locations that we have previously had trouble with in relation to the young driver additional charges was Malta so we aimed to target this area and strike a deal.

young driver car hire with no surchargeWe can now happily announce that we have struck a deal and it’s far better than we expected, we can offer car hire in Malta with just a Small Additional Fee! Unlike most of the car rental companies who will charge you from £20 to £30 extra per day, our deal will require a fee of just £5/day.
This comes with some restrictions, however we have another benefit which compliments the small additional fee: we can do it with a Visa Debit Card!
Yes, this is true, if you will book your car hire with Indigo, you would be able to pay using a Visa debit card as well.

So what are the restrictions?
The restrictions of the rental are that you are between 21-24 with two years driving experience and that’s it. The only other thing is that you have to take additional insurance which covers you completely in the event of an accident meaning you don’t have to pay the high excess fees at all, this however will cost you an extra 10 euros a day which is still cheaper than the young driver charge and covers you completely.

This is a great deal and if you want to take advantage of it you must call us directly as we can’t assure that if you book online you will get the right suppliers that we need to book you with in order to get our deals. Please call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 and we will guide you every step of the way completely hassle free and easy car hire.