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Guaranteed Car Hire Models

When you come to hire a car a phrase you will often hear is “or similar” in reference to the type of cars you can hire. Most car hire companies can’t and won’t allow you to get a guaranteed vehicle as its very hard for…

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Visa Electron Cards Accepted At Alicante Airport

Limited but not impossible, Visa Electron cards being accepted for renting a car has been a tricky thing to organise in the past but for some time now we have been able to accept electron cards however many people are unaware of this. In the…

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Under 25s Now Accepted At Luton Airport

If you are under 25 then unfortunately no matter where you go you will generally find it a bit of a struggle to hire a car. Here at Indigo Car Hire however we try and make it easy for you arranging deals with various different…

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Young Driver Car Hire North West England

Are you a young driver and struggling to hire a vehicle due to the age restrictions that most companies have? Well, we have arranged a fantastic deal for you in north west England, specifically Carlisle, Dumfries and Windermere. If you are under 25 then the…

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Car Hire Without A Credit Card Pescara Airport

News Flash Car Hire Without A Credit Card Pescara Airport Car Hire Without A Credit Card Pescara Airport is one of our latest offers in Italy. One of the main issues with car rental across the world is that majority of location don’t accept anything…

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