Baby Seats For £1 Per Day

Baby Seats For £1 Per DayWe’ve often written blogs about optional extras and whether you should get them from the rental companies or buy them yourselves and we’ve also done the same regarding baby seats. We advised people to go and buy baby seats on their holiday instead depending on the time they were hiring as baby seats as rental companies charged anywhere between £5-15 per day for the seat which quickly added up to the cost of buying one.

In some respects however we take this back as we have been working closely with a rental company that will now allow us to offer our customers baby seats for as little as £1/per day and this is available at tons of locations across the UK most of which being based in Scotland including main locations such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen as well as some main England locations like Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Baby seats to buy at the lowest are around £30 so there for you would need to hire a car for 30 days in order to justify buying one instead if you get this deal. Getting a baby seat for just a pound a day is a fantastic deal and likely one of the best offers we will be able to find in the UK therefor you should really take advantage of this.

Also ensure that a baby seat is essential….

Rules Around Baby Seats
If you are hiring a car it may be useful to know the laws surrounding baby seats to know whether you need one or not. Please note these are the rules for the UK.

– Rear-facing baby seats are suitable for babies up to 13kg
– Forward or rear facing baby seats are suitable for children up to 18kg
– After your child has surpassed these you need to look at having a child car seat which is law until the child is 135cm tall or 12 years old.
– Only EU approved child seats can be used in the UK, they have the capital E in a circle on the label.
– You must deactivate any front airbags when using a rear facing baby seat in the front.
For a full list of all the rules and laws on baby and child seats please visit the UK government site you can find here.

If you still need a baby seat and want to take full advantage of advantage of this offer we need to specially organise it to get you the best price possible as it’s with one specific supplier so please DO NOT book online. You can get this deal by calling us directly on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or emailing us on