Winter Tyres When Driving Abroad

winter tires when driving abroadEven when driving a hired car YOU are responsible for having it equipped and controlled correctly in order to meet the guidelines of the location you are within. One of the common fines that you may be surprised to find out about is for not having snow tyres.

Winter tyres when driving abroad can be required by law, in some European countries this is the case and often people don’t realise it as they overlook this law due to the fact it’s only a minority of countries that require winter tyres so it’s not seen as an issue, despite the minority it’s still for your safety as the reason for snow tyres being mandatory is that the winter can be harsher within these countries.

In Austria, Finland, Germany and Sweden winter tyres are all mandatory within certain dates during winter.

Many people hire cars in France and drive to Sweden as it’s often a cheaper option but people forget or just don’t know the winter tyre law, due to the fact it’s not mandatory within France so don’t be the one who gets caught out and always find out if winter tyres are needed for the location you are going too.

Even if you claim it’s not your fault that the car you hired doesn’t have winter tyres it won’t stand everything on the car you are driving no matter the circumstance is up to you and you are liable for it.

Always check with us if you are unsure on the legal complications of the location that you are travelling. In some of the countries mentioned previous where winter tyres are mandatory you may be able to get away with snow chains as a temporary fix, they will allow visitors snow chains but however won’t allow residents within that country to have summer tyres with snow chains. These change completely dependent on your location as mentioned before so always try to make sure as you may be slapped with an unexpected fine with you being unable to dispute.

We put together a list with Winter Condition Driving in most of the European Countries. If you have any other questions about winter car hire conditions, please contact one of our Car Hire experts at: on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at