Do You Need Winter Tyres On A 4×4

With the bad weather approaching, we in the office are thinking back to last year and how the snow and ice brought the country to a stand still.

As soon as that happened we were inundated with calls from stranded customers wanting to hire a 4×4 vehicle. It is by far the busiest time of year for this type of vehicle and they are in limited supply. So if you live in a remote area where it snows every year, you may want to consider enquiring now rather than when everyone else does.

One question that was raised today was: Do You Need Winter Tyres On A 4×4. We thought this was a good question and thought it was worth sharing the answer, obviously after we had done the necessary research.

So, Do You Need Winter Tyres On A 4×4?

In short, it depends what 4×4 you have and what the reason was for buying it.

If you live on a farm and use the vehicle for what it was intended then probably not, as you will probably already have big, chunky tyres with lots of grip fitted for the purpose of driving the vehicle off road. Still its worth checking what tyres are fitted and whether you would benefit from some new ones.

If you live in suburbia and have purchased the vehicle for the school run or the commute to the office then you probably opted for the comfort package or the best looking wheels with low profile tyres. In this case, yes you should consider fitting winter tyres to your 4×4.

Although the 4×4 system fitted to your car will help in adverse weather conditions it is the tyres that connect your car and you to the road, making them one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Ensuring you have the right gear for the job always makes for an easier life and a smoother journey.