Car Hire With GPS

Car Hire With GPSThe road atlas, a thing of the past. The development in technology in recent years has seen people all the way from the struggle of spending hours gazing at a paper map taking wrong turns all time to having a computerized voice telling you exactly where to go every step of the way. A digitally planned out route from A to B, and you can pick any location in the world to go to and from as you please, no restrictions.

However, you’re planning a holiday do you want your hired car with a GPS or without one? Obviously there are massive benefits of the GPS, there a big chance that if you are off on holiday you don’t really know the area you are travelling too meaning you may want to have that bit of guidance. The GPS is essential for holidays yes but then the next question that follows is, well is it worth it to pay that extra daily amount for a GPS?

Let’s do a little bit of research!

One of our major and largest suppliers charge £13.99/p day for a GPS to be equipped with your vehicle, this is capped at a maximum of 10 days meaning if you hire over 10 days that’s all you will pay for in terms of the GPS. Your standard GPS take for example the TomTom XXL classic GPS, a reputable brand and it will get you from A to B with ease, the cost of this is £89.99 which you can buy at most larger stores. In order to justify buying the GPS rather than hiring one you would need to hire one for 6.4 days, which would make the price equivalent.

Therefor if you are hiring a car for under 6 days it may be worth just paying the money for the additional extra, however if you are planning on renting a car for over 6 days get yourself to a shop and buy the GPS, it may be slightly inconvenient but its worth it and best of all you get to keep your GPS after your holiday you don’t have to return it to the rental company when you return the car.

Some optional extras are worth it but in order to get all the details you need to dig deep and do a bit of research as you may be getting ripped off! Here at Indigo we will always do this for you, we regularly suggest the option of buying the extra to our customers as it may be a big money saver.

If you are interested in hiring a car with a GPS or just want more information on this subject then please contact us by calling us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or emailing us on