Car Rental with Guaranteed Free GPS

Car Rental with Guaranteed Free GPS

We are pleased to announce we can now offer car rental with a guaranteed free GPS from most of our UK branches. It sounds very simple, but as I’m sure many people know it’s actually a lot harder to find than you imagine! A majority of the time you either add on a GPS beforehand, which can add a hefty amount to the price (often around £15 per day!), or you can take the risk and hope that the car you get has a GPS built in. Neither is ideal of course, which is why we’ve arranged this option with one of our suppliers to get guaranteed built in GPS, and for no extra cost.

Popular Locations

Here’s some of our most popular locations that we can arrange this option from below, though we can arrange it in pretty much all major towns, cities and airports.

Central London Birmingham Leeds
Cardiff Southampton Edinburgh
Sheffield Manchester Exeter
Nottingham Newcastle Glasgow
Swansea Norwich Reading
Aberdeen Bristol Peterborough
Leicester Inverness Liverpool
Oxford Wolverhampton Dundee


We can also arrange this outside of the UK and Ireland, including many European countries such as France, Germany and Spain, and also the US and Canada. Just let us know if you’re inquiring about any other countries too as this list is far from exhaustive!

Other deals available

Here are some of the other offers we have in conjunction with this:

New Driver Car Hire – There is no required amount of time needed, as long as you have the physical photocard then we can arrange that.

Car Hire with Points and Convictions – As long as it’s just one major conviction (multiple small ones would be fine) then we can arrange this for you.

Debit Card Car Hire – A debit card is perfectly fine for both payment and deposit, you may just need to provide some extra ID.

Young / Senior Driver Car Hire – There is no max age limit, and we can also rent to young drivers aged 23 – 24 with an extra fee.


If you wish to arrange this then just contact us on 0113 880 0748 or