Free Additional Driver At Waterloo Station

Now offering a free additional driver on Car Hire at Waterloo Station. Depending on the length of journey one plans to undertake having someone to share the driving can be something extremely welcomed.

What can not be welcoming is the charge levied for that 2nd driver, you’re typically going to pay an extra £12.00 per day to add a 2nd driver. Some car rental companies cap the amount in any one given period this tends to £120.00. This money could be spent better elsewhere or so it is our belief.

Here at Indigo Car Hire we offer car rental with a FREE additional driver at Waterloo train station in London and a multitude of other locations (we have over 20 offices based in the London area that offer free 2nd driver), there is no catch to this service it is simply a case of making our team aware of the need for the 2nd driver before placing the reservation to ensure that your booking reflects the 2nd driver.

London Waterloo is one of the major rail gateways into the capital and the freedom renting a car allows you to explore the city and beyond without the restrictions of using public transport.

Our office is located next to the train station and we run a meet and greet service at the concourse. If preferred renters can make their way directly to our office and collect their car.

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How to take advantage of our free 2nd driver offer.

For these interested, get in touch with our team today. Please note, not all of these offers are available with every supplier. To ensure you are placed with the correct supplier we ask you contact us. You can reach us via call, email or by using the live chat function.