Unattended Vehicles Dangers

Picture this, you wake up one morning get out of bed and get ready for work just like every other day but only to find when you step outside you are greeted by a car covered in frost. You have a few options but you decide upon starting the car and going back inside for a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the car to defrost only to find upon your return your vehicles been stolen. You get on the phone to the police and insurance company, you won’t be shown any sympathy however and you may not even be covered for a claim as insurers consider this not to be left with reasonable car. Moral of the story is you shouldn’t leave your car unattended whilst running!

It may seem like a silly scenario but you will be surprised how many motorists would rather leave their car unattended than patiently wait out the cold whilst sat inside the car and when it’s a cold day, thieves are wise to this. It’s not just if you are wanting to warm your car and leave it for a significant period thieves also strike at the most unlikely opportunities.

Some of the other common traps that people fall into include simple things like just jumping out of your car to post a letter at a letterbox, possibly you may get out your car to quickly retrieve a forgotten item from your house or to pop into a shop, whatever you are doing please never leave your vehicle unattended! Remember it takes but seconds to hop into a car and drive away, even if you switch off your vehicle and leave the keys in the car you are not immune.

Grab your keys, switch the engine off and lock up. It’s that simple, avoid a bad situation that could potentially cost your thousands.