No Young Driver Surcharge South West England

Although hard to find due to most suppliers having an age limit of 25, there are a few companies such as ourselves which will allow for young drivers to be accepted in several locations across the United Kingdom. One of the locations we have been particularly focusing on recently has been on the south western part of England for example Truro, Falmouth, Plymouth and Torquay where areas that we specifically wanted to further arrange deals.

We have previously mentioned on the website that we can allow young drivers from the age of 21 throughout the most of the United Kingdom, but here we have gone one step further. When hiring a car as a young driver you often get charged a young driver additional surcharge which can be as high as £39 per day on top of the price of your rental which for many just isn’t an affordable option.

We contacted a specific company we work very closely with in that area and eventually managed to arrange a fantastic deal that meant there was NO YOUNG DRIVER SURCHARGE for our customers meaning a massive amount of saving on your typical car hire. This is available in several of the south west locations where they are based, however they also do a meet and greet service dependant on the length of the rental.

Being a young driver however you will be limited to the vehicles that you can get, and the company that we have arranged the deal in this particular case are a Toyota dealership meaning that they just supply Toyota vehicles, and for young drivers there will only be the Yaris vehicles.

Since this is such as tailored offer for young drivers in south west England we require that you please call us so we can contact the branch directly in order to get you booked in. You can contact our expert reservation agents on the phone +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email, don’t worry their friendly!