Iceland Ultimate Road Adventure – F Roads Guide

It’s that time of the year again when everybody make its final plans for the summer holiday.
While some of you prefer going to the sea side or ocean and catch a nice tan, some others will hit the road in search of the ultimate adventure.

If there is a place in Europe where you can find that, that place is Iceland. Snowy mountains next to majestic lava fields, geysers, iced covered volcanoes, numerous glaciers and some of the most scenic roads in the world should put Iceland on top of your bucket list.

Our recommendation for those willing to explore Iceland is to hire a 4×4 and carefully plan a trip on the famous F Roads.
The F Roads are the starting point towards some of the most beautiful places in Iceland, however they are also some of the most dangerous roads in the country.

Travelling on the F Rods requires a 4×4 and the suppliers in Iceland offer a large selection of vehicles for you to choose from.
When hiring the car, we recommend you read the fine print on the rental agreement, as most of the companies have restrictions or dont cover you if crossing rivers and waters.

Here is the full list with the mountain roads which are open from June till late September.

Fjallabaksleið nyrðri, F208
1. Sigalda – Landmannalaugar
2. Laugar – Eldgjá
3. Eldgjá – Skaftártunga

Fjallabaksleið syðri, F210
1. Keldur – Hvanngil
2. Hvanngil – Skaftártunga

Landmannaleið (Dómad.), F225

Emstruleið, F261

Kjalvegur, 35
1. Gullfoss – Hveravellir
2. Hveravellir – Blönduvirkjun

Sprengisandur, F26
1. Hrauneyjar – Nýidalur
2. Nýidalur – Bárðardalur

Skagafjarðarleið, F752

Eyjafjarðarleið, F821

Öskjuleið, F88
1. Inn að Herðubreiðarlindum
2. Herðubreiðarlindir – Dreki

Öskjuvatnsvegur, F894

Vesturd. (Hljóðaklettar), F862

Kverkfjalaleið, F902

Uxahryggjavegur, 52

Kaldadalsvegur, 550

Bellow is the list with the some of the F rods where your car hire may not be covered by insurance or where the access is restricted.
Bare in mind that off-road driving (driving outside of marked paths or roads) is forbidden in Iceland and the fines for doing that are extremely high.

  • F-208 – Fjallabaksleið Nyðri
  • F-210 – Fjallabaksleið Syðri
  • F-337 – Hlöðuvallavegur
  • F-578 – Arnarvatnsvegur
  • F-662 – Svalavogavegur
  • F-910 – Austurleið
  • F-980 – Kollmúluvegur

Before planning your trip consult Icelandic Public Roads Administration website or call 1777 to ask for road and weather information.

For car hire information in any location in Iceland, please contact our reservation team on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or via email on and they will present the best options available for you.