Can I Pay A Deposit In Cash?

Can I Pay A Deposit In Cash?I will start by answering this straight away; you can’t pay for your deposit in cash. Nothing in relation to car hire works in cash, you may only use credit cards and some debit cards in specific locations.

HOWEVER there are alternatives that can help you with this situation. We have several locations across the world where you may be able to find an alternative to paying for your deposit in cash but you will need to contact us directly so we can find out about your specific location, the alternative is…

Don’t pay a deposit at all; we can arrange car hire in several locations worldwide with no deposit at all. If you are wanting to pay a deposit in cash, there is no need so technically we can actually do this. The reason we worked out this deal is that a deposit can be extremely expensive, and this can therefore affect your holiday or whatever you may be doing as it’s a large amount held on your card at any one time, so we decided to do something about this an managed to arrange this deal.

There is a good reason that cash is never accepted in any stage of the car hire process and this is because of the risk to the car hire companies which is understandable, if you pay in full and damage the car then they can’t charge you for the extra whereas if you have a card they can. As well as this it is more likely to cause problems with theft as people can pay for their car and take it as the car hire company wouldn’t have sufficient details to charge them for extra days/report to the banks.

If you are interested in getting car hire with no deposit however then please call us directly and do not book online as only some suppliers allow this deal when you book through us, contact us by calling on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at and we will get right back to you.