Winter Tyres Included, No Extra Cost!

Its that time of year when Winter Tyres can be a good addition to any journey, especially when hiring an unfamiliar car.

Many of us may decline this as an optional extra when there are charges involved because ultimately, cost is very important to us.

Some countries will make them a requirement during the winter period and in this instance they will come free of charge. If you are unsure then please ask, we have direct access to the suppliers find answers to your questions.

We have now been made aware that one of our biggest suppliers have announced that winter tyres will be on every vehicle supplied between 1st November and 31st March in both Norway & Iceland. Whether a legal requirement or not, they have made the decision for the safety of their customers and other road users.

If you are hiring a car in winter and want to ensure you are getting the very best package available including winter tyres. Please get in touch, call: 0113 880 0748, email: or chat with us online. Our team will ensure you book with the best supplier that suits your requirements.

Important Information

CountrySnow TyresSnow Chains
AndorraNo Legal requirement for using snow tyresWhen driving in Andorra you should carry snow chains in your vehicle as some road signs will warn you that they are compulsory along some roads
AustraliaNo Legal requirement for using snow tyresYou should consider winter tyres or chains when heading to the mountains in winter.
Austria In between the 1st November and the 15th April if the roads are snow or ice coated roads then it will be a legal requirements, your tyres must also have 4mm minimum tread depth. When travelling in Austria you should carry snow chains and road signs will indicate when they are compulsory, if you do not put them on when road signs indicate you to then you can get a fine or temporary loss of your vehicle.
BelgiumNo legal requirement for them at any time of the yearIt is never mandatory to have them but you are permitted to use them when it is snowy or icy if you wish
BulgariaAlso no legal requirement for useBetween the 1st November and the 31st March you have to carry show chains, and just like other countries have to put them on your vehicle when signs indicate
CyprusNo legal requirement No legal requirement
Czech RepublicAlthough there is no legal requirement to use Snow tyres it is however compulsory that you carry them from the 1st November up until the first 1st MarchJust like a lot of other European countries you should carry snow chains in your car and use them when signs indicate
DenmarkNo legal requirementYou are permitted to use them but there is no legal requirement
EstoniaYou are legally required from the 1st December to the 1st March to have snow tyres fitted to your vehicle, if there are extreme weather conditions this period could be extended.Permitted to use but not mandatory
FinlandIf you are driving between the 1st December and 31st March you are required to wear snow tyres Snow chains are allowed but not required
FranceNo legal requirement There are road signs across France which require you to have these on certain roads, thereforeyou must carry them
GermanyIt is required that you have snow tyres and if you don't it can result in a fine They should be carried in your vehicle
GreeceNo legal requirementNo legal requirement
HungaryNo legal requirementYou must carry snow chains in your vehicle in Hungary, failure to do so will deem your vehicle unfit to travel on Hungary roads and liable to prosecution
IcelandDriving in Iceland between 1st November and 14 April you are legally required to use snow tyresNo legal requirement
IrelandNo legal requirement Permitted for use but not mandatory
ItalyThere are no legal requirements for snow tyres but it is recommended that they are used, there may be some road signs that indicate snow chains or tyres are compulsory such as the Val d'Aosta area from the 15th October to the 15th AprilThere are road signs across Italy which indicate snow chains are compulsary
LatviaVehicles that weigh less than 3.5 tons between 1st December and 1st March it is legally required to have snow tyresPermitted for use but no legal requirements
LiechtensteinNo legal requirementNo legal requirement
LithuaniaBetween 10th November and the 1st April you legally have to have snow tyres equippedPermitted for use however not legally required
LuxembourgNo legal requirementNo legal requirement
NetherlandsNo legal requirementPermitted for use when its ice or snow coated roads but not mandatory
New ZealandNo Legal requirement for using snow tyresYou should consider winter tyres or chains when heading to the mountains in winter.
NorwayNot mandatory but highly recommended so thereforea lot of hired vehicles come equipped with themPermitted but not a mandatory requirement
PolandNo legal requirementNo legal requirement
PortugalNo legal requirementSnow chains should be carried as road signs sometimes indicate they are compulsory
RomaniaFrom the 1st November until the 31st March and whenever the road is covered in ice or snow it is legally required that you have snow tyresHarsh weather conditions make snow chains compulsory so you should always carry them
SerbiaCompulsory to have Snow Tyres Snow chains should be carried
SlovakiaNo legal requirementNo Legal requirement
SloveniaBetween the 15th November and the 15th of March it is compulsory to use snow tyres or chains with a minimum 4mm tread depthYou should always carry snow chains when in Slovenia as some road signs indicate they are compulsory
SpainNo legal requirementSome road signs indicate they must be used and you should carry them at all times
SwitzerlandNo legal requirementSnow chains should be carried due to road signs making them compulsory
SwedenMinimum tread depth of 3mm is required for snow tyres which are legally compulsory during the 1st December to the 31st March and the tyres must be marked with a certified mark, call for details.No legal requirement
United KingdomNo legislation requires that you use snow tyres They are permitted for use but not mandatory