Driving Tips & Rules In Spain For Drivers From The UK

Driving in Spain is very similar to the majority of countries in the EU. Which means it can be tricky, especially for those from the UK. Therefore, we have created a list of tips and rules to help make driving in Spain safer and easier for you.

Road Info

The road network in Spain includes six motorways (autopistas) which connect Madrid with all the regions of the country: Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, West Andalusia, Extremadura and Galicia.
There are also 3 costal highways: Ferrol to Vigo, Oviedo to San Sebastian, Girona to Cadiz.

Motorways: (Autopistas) are marked with and A or E and the road number.
Roads Tolls: Known as (Autopistas de peage) are labelled with AP and the road number.
Exits: (Salidas) are numbered.
Dual Carriageways: (Autovias) are marked with an E and the road number. They do not always have a central reservation between lanes
National Highways: (Carreteras nacionales) are marked with N or CN and the road number
Country Roads: (Carreteras comarcales) are marked with a C and the road number

Driving Rules

Driving Side In Spain

In Spain you should drive on the right side of the road. When coming towards a roundabout, give priority to traffic coming from the left.

Seat Belt Requirements

Wearing seat belts is mandatory when in the front seats of all vehicles. passengers in vehicles manufactured after June 1992 must wear seatbelts in the rear of the vehicle and of course the front.

Travelling With Children

Children under the age of 12 and measuring up to 135cm tall must be seated in a suitable restraint which is adapted for their age and size. Children above the age of 12 taller and than 135cm can use the normal seat belt.

General Driving Rules in Spain

  • Talking on the phone while in the drivers seat is prohibited, even when parked
  • Radar detectors are prohibited
  • Warning triangles are mandatory
  • It is prohibited to sound the horn in urban areas
  • Driving in bus lanes it is restricted
  • At road junctions, priority is clearly marked and all road signs/signals must be obeyed
Unusual Driving Rules
  • While driving in Spain it is forbidden to wear flip-flops or open-backed sandals
  • If you are required to wear glasses, you need to carry an additional pair when driving
Speed Limits In Spain
  • Urban: 50km/h – 31mph
  • Rural: 90km/h – 56mph
  • Motorway: 120 km/h – 74mph
Alcohol Limit

The alcohol limit in Spain is 0.05% (0,25 mg/l). For drivers with less than 2 years’ experience and for freight vehicles drivers the limit is 0.03% (0,15 mg/l). Exceeding the limits is a serious offence and can lead to prison sentences and driving licence suspension.

Driving Licence Requirements

Drivers from the EU with less than one year in Spain can use their domestic licence. It is important to have also an id card or passport with you. The drivers outside EU must have international driving licences.

Emergency Numbers
  • Police: 112/091
  • Fire: 112/080
  • Ambulance: 112/061
  • AA breakdown: 00 800 8877 6655
Fuel Costs

Here are the fuel prices recorded in the beginning of June 2017:

  • Unleaded 1.194 EUR/l
  • Diesel 1.077 EUR/l
  • LPG 0.606 EUR/l