Hiring A Car With Winter Tyres In Belgium

About Belgium

Belgium is a popular location for many reasons, your reason may be the chocolate and waffles that are made there, or you might just want to visit some of the sites the country has to offer. Even in the Winter you can visit one of the ski resorts or explore the Christmas markets that lie in nearly every city or major town.

Whatever your reason for visiting, if you choose to visit in the Winter, make sure you know the laws in the country. We have gathered all the information you may need and hopefully this blog will answer any questions you may have about hiring a car in Belgium in Winter.

Do I Need Winter Tyres In Belgium?

No, there is no law that requires you to use winter tyres when driving in Belgium. However, if you would like to have snow chains, these are available to add to your booking for just over £30 for the duration of the rental.

Can I request winter tyres in Belgium?

Yes, Winter tyres are available on request but they cost around £21 per day based on a one week hire. If you would like to add winter tyres, it is best to call us so we can talk you through the booking and avoid any confusion.

What else should I consider?

If you are going to visit some of the ski resorts, there is a chance that you will take your skis with you. Should you need to take your skis, we recommend that you hire a larger car in order to make room for your skis.

We offer cross border car hire from Belgium, meaning you can travel into any of the countries surrounding Belgium. If you plan on doing this, make sure you research the law of any country you plan on visiting. If you need winter tyres, snow chains or anything else, you must add this to your rental when you book. You are responsible for the car you are driving and if you are breaking the law you could get in trouble with the law enforcement or your insurance may be void.

We always suggest that you call us if you would like to hire a car, especially if you have specific requirements. Our team are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have to make your car hire experience as easy as possible.