Dog Friendly Car Hire

Where can I find Dog Friendly Car Hire? A frequently asked question asked of us. Reduction of overseas travel is with us for some time. Therefore renting cars for use in the UK is here for some time to come.

All the dogs owners out there will testify a dog is an important member of the family. Therefore leaving your dog behind when embarking on a trip is simply not an option. Many providers restrict the transportation of dogs in a hired vehicle. No such restrictions apply here at Indigo Car Hire. We provide more general info regarding pet friendly car hire in a past article found here.

Do restrictions apply?

We simply ask your car hire is returned in the same condition as it was provided. Vehicles are provided fully valeted. This means prior to return you may need to pay attention to any mess left by your dog. A quick ‘hoover’ usually does the trick. Cleanliness is an integral part of the rental process and we simply ask that this is respected for the next person who rents the car.

Where can I rent my Dog Friendly car hire from?

Locations are a plenty. You can pinpoint these collection locations by running a search on our home page or you may contact our reservations team directly

A list of frequently requested pick up location for dog friendly car hire can be found below.

  • London car hire with dogs
  • Leeds car hire with dogs
  • Manchester car hire with dogs
  • Birmingham car hire with dogs
  • Plymouth car hire with dogs
  • Liverpool car hire with dogs

Which size should I hire to carry my dog?

The ANIMAL TRUST has put together an excellent guide with detailed guidance to follow when travelling with your dog in the car. As one would expect safety and the well being of your dog is key. We would suggest hiring an estate car which gives amble boot space for your dogs cage a guide to our fleet of estates can be found here. This allows you to focus on driving to your destination with the peace of mind your dog is comfortable, and remember never leave a dog in your car whilst parked. Both high and low temperatures can be dangerous to your dogs health.

Do I need to consider anything else for me or my dog?

The main points have been covered above and the rental process is straight forward enough. Dog owners understand there is a duty of care to the furry friend that they are caring for. Therefore we remind hirers to take frequent breaks and allow your dog to ‘stretch out’ often enough. We also remind renters to ensure the vehicle is returned free of dog hairs and other mess to ensure no cleaning fees are applied post rental.

Further questions you have and are not covered in the content simply get in touch with our team of car hire experts and we assist.