Top 5 Estate Cars

Estate cars are particularly popular in the car hire industry, there are obvious reasons for this as many of the people that tend to hire cars do so after flying meaning they may be carrying a considerable amount of luggage, making estate cars the smart choice. When it comes to estate cars however, who are the leaders in the market? Here is a breakdown of our personal opinion of the top 5 estate cars…

Skoda Octavia Estate

With up to 74.3 miles per gallon the Octavia is popular due to its cost effective approach in saving fuel whilst still providing a ton of room. The well-equipped interior makes it even more attractive, its one of the most popular cars on the road now a days for a reason. Literally the only con with the Skoda is it has been labelled as slightly dull to drive.

Mazda 6 Tourer Estate

Not as popular as the Skoda but still does the job with its stylish exterior and interior design spacious and comfortable seating with a large amount of space. Unlike the Octavia many label the Mazda 6 as fun and easy to drive, but the con I suppose about the new models of the Mazda 6 tourer is that its predecessor had slightly more boot space.

BMW 3 Series Touring Estate

With a large loading bay it’s also a popular vehicle as many people can comfortably fit their luggage in with minimal squeeze, it has some great practical features as well as caring the BMW badge meaning it has an excellent performance and handing. However the only con to it that some people outline is it just isn’t as refined as its rivals.

Volvo V70

The long heritage of Volvo gives it its edge, the V70 is known for its reliability, comfort and safety as well as its nice shape. It has generous standard equipment which is always good for when you are hiring a vehicle, the only criticism of it is that sometimes the ride is choppy with vague steering especially with town driving.

Ford Mondeo Estate

The boot is absolutely massive, some would even dare to say it’s too big. The Mondeo has a nice drive, good handing and is decent economically. Both the diesel and petrol engines are strong on this car so it delivers some kick, the critic however is that sometimes the Mondeo is too big making it a bit daunting to drive but if you are used to driving large cars then this is perfect.

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