Customer Feedback Is Not Always As It Seems

Our regular customers and new customers that have done their due diligence will know that we as a company, pride ourselves on the service that we offer and the feedback we get always reflects this, well not always..

It is so easy these days for someone to go online and leave feedback about a service they have received, an event they have attended or a product they have bought which is great news for shops and suppliers as word of mouth and personal recommendations are very important when an individual is looking for said service or product.

There are some downsides however, which we and many other companies have to live with. The biggest by far are negative reviews, these can really hurt a businesses reputation. We all know that things can go wrong in any business and one of the benefits of an online presence is to show our potential customers how we react when things do go wrong. One of our bug bears however are the negative reviews that are not entirely accurate. We have decided to run a series of blogs detailing these reviews, the facts behind them and the lengths that we go to when a customer of ours isn’t getting the service or product they expect.

Here is a review left on our Trustpilot profile.

Rating: 1/5
Title: Awful!
Review: My husband and I came in late to Rome airport, ready for a 2 hour drive to Orvieto, to find that Indigo had cancelled our car rental without informing us. This is despite us having email confirmation of the booking and no contact since to say there was an issue. When we spoke to Indigo, the man on the phone was VERY defensive – in fact he didn’t say sorry once. When I stated that we felt very screwed over by Indigo he got very angry and said it is OUR fault because we never received a voucher and we should have known better – he was extremely passive aggressive – such awful customer ‘service’. Safe to say we will not be using Indigo again, which is a shame for them since we have used them many times before so they have lost loyal customers.

You can see this review and many others here.

Here is what actually happened.

Our customer booked their vehicle taking advantage of the £20 down payment when booking with the remaining balance being taken 5 days before they are due to collect the car. When this date came, the system tried to take the payment and the payment was declined. There are many reasons why this could happen and the system makes us aware.

Emails were sent to the customer to advise them of the problem and to try and complete the transaction with either the correct card details or even a new payment card. No response was received by our office or by our service providers.

When the customer arrived at the airport rental desk at 10pm there was no car for them, as there was no confirmed booking. They called us on our out of hours helpline and advised us of their problem. When we explained the situation as outlined above, this wasn’t really the response they expected. However, we then followed this up by offering to place another booking with a different supplier who had a vehicle available. They took us up on this offer and were quickly on their way to their destination.

If the voucher had been printed or downloaded prior to collection of the car this problem would have been highlighted and could have been rectified.

Could We Have Dealt With This Differently / Will We Next Time?

We hope you agree that we did everything we could to avoid the situation happening in the first place and that we dealt with the issue quickly and efficiently when it occurred. We feel that having comments such as “screwed over by Indigo” and “such awful customer ‘service’” published online forever is very unfair when you are presented with the facts.

Our customers are entitled to make comments re our attitudes and if our attitude was anything less than customer friendly we apologise for this, however we maintain that our only outcome is the desire for a smooth-running rental and customer satisfaction.

We hope that this summary is helpful for others either wanting to gain more of an insight or those who have found themselves in a similar situation in the past and would like to avoid a repeat of their experience.