Basel Airport Debit Card Car Rentals

After years of trying, we are now able to offer Basel Airport Debit Card Rentals on all international sides. As you may know, Basel Airport is not your typical airport. It is based within 2 different international zones meaning there is a Swiss side and a French side.

Until now if you wanted to hire a car with a debit card at Basel Airport you would have had to cross into the French side (Mulhouse Airport) to find a supplier. We have now agreed a deal with one of the largest suppliers in the world to offer our customers a better deal.

Basel Airport Debit Card Requirements

If you do not have a credit card and wish to hire a car at Basel Airport (Swiss side) now you can, and with a relatively low deposit too (500 CHF). This is not available online through our normal booking engine, for us to book the right supplier on your behalf we need to discuss this with you on the phone, via email or via live chat on our website.

There are certain criteria that we need to confirm before booking, so speaking to us direct is the very best way.

Other Offers At Basel Airport

We have various offers at Basel Airport, not all necessarily with the same suppliers so before booking, ensure you speak to one of our reservations specialists to confirm the best supplier for your requirements.

Free Winter Tyres When required, we have suppliers that will supply vehicles with snow tyres at no extra cost.
Young Drivers 19 years old is the minimum age to hire a car, at least one supplier doesn’t charge an additional fee for this.
Low Deposit Deposits can be as low as 300 CHF with one supplier.

For more information on any of the above offers at Basel Airport, please contact us directly. Call 0113 880 0748, Email or chat with us live on our website.