Winters Around The Corner, Drive Carefully

The cold weather wave which is due to hit Britain this week reminds me winter is just around the corner. You’re probably used to it by now, the constant “drive safe” warnings you get over the winter period but it’s important to raise awareness and do our bit here at Indigo Car Hire to ensure that drivers are safe for this cold snap. It’s important to make sure that your cars can cope with the cold weather, it’s not too long until the roads become a more dangerous place.

Ice, snow, wind and rain are all factors that increase the amount of accidents, the figures in 2017 showed that 32 people were killed and 3912 injured when there was snow or ice on the road surface, that’s a significant figure. To avoid being one of these statistics make sure you keep your vehicle adequate to tackle the cold snap.

Make sure if you are the owner of a vehicle that the tyre treads are of adequate size, you should also consider winter tyres! Another few things to keep in mind include tyre pressure, vehicles brakes, steering, electrics and keeping your fluids topped up such as oil and water. If you are unsure on how to check all these its worth visiting a SEAT retailer as they will offer you a full winter tailored check for £29 where they will advise you on any parts that may require replacing. On top of which for doing so as a reward you will be given a one litre Castrol Edge oil top up kit which is valued at £18, free of cost.

Stay safe this winter in the sub-zero temperatures make sure your car gets checked, for £29 its worth that peace of mind. There are also a couple of precautions you can take, the usual drive slowly, consider winter tyres and possibly chains, make sure you are signed up to breakdown service and ensure that you have a blanket and some previsions in your car in case of a breakdown.