Travel Insurance, Have You Checked The Small Print?

Many of us associate the small or fine print in any agreement as the bad stuff, the information they don’t want us to read. Although they insist that we tick a box to confirm that we have read it.

With travel insurance, this isn’t always a bad thing, infact it could save you a lot of money if you know exactly what your policy covers.

As we grow as a company we are starting to se more and more enquiries from long haul travellers from Asia, Australia and the USA. Many of those travellers are coming to Europe for a while, usually 2-3 weeks and therefore they ensure that they are covered with insurance.

Many travel insurance policies also cover other elements of your trip, especially Car Hire Excess. This is a brilliant way of keeping your rental costs down to a minimum, all rental companies nowadays will offer you an additional insurance product, Super CDW, Excess Protection, Zero Excess Policy or Deductable Cover all of which are the same product and usally cost between £7 and £15 per day of rental and the costs can easily mount up.

Large numbers of people who are not aware of what they are already covered for will take out one of these policies for extra peace of mind, knowing that if they are involved in an accident then they will not be liable for huge repair costs.

So, we have 2 great tips for you:

  1. When buying travel insurance, dont just pick the first one you see or the cheapest of the lot. Actually look at what is covered as it could save you money in the long run.
  2. If you already have some kind of Car Hire Excess protection in your travel insurance policy, you should consider whether you actually need to purchase additional insurance at the rental desk.

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