Debit Card Car Hire In Morocco

We’ve had a debit card option available in Morocco for some time now, however up until now we have only been able to help from Marrakech Airport, which was a huge limiting factor in the number of people we could help. Since making a new arrangement with our suppliers though we are now able to arrange debit card hire from almost all the major airports, including Morocco’s most famous and populous city Casablanca, as well as its capital – Rabat.

Airport Locations

  • Rabat Airport
  • Fez Airport
  • Marrakesh Airport
  • Agadir Airport
  • Oujda Airport
  • Tangier Airport
  • Ouarzazate Airport
  • Essaouira Airport
  • Nadar Laroui Airport
  • Casablanca Airport
Downtown Locations

  • Casablanca
  • Rabat
  • Fes

What cars are available to rent with a debit card?

The only restriction when hiring with a debit card is that you cannot rent premium / luxury vehicles – other than that you can take your pick at any of the vehicles available:

Car GroupExample ModelsSize Recommendations
EconomyHyundai i20 / Ford Fiesta / VW Polo5 people, 2 suitcases
CompactOpel Astra / Hyundai Accent / Ford Focus5 people, 3 suitcases
IntermediateVW Passat / Nissan Pulsar / Toyota Camry5 people, 4 suitcases
Compact SUVMitsubishi ASX / Renault Kadjar5 people, 3 suitcases
Standard SUVNissan X-Trail / VW Tiguan5 people, 5 suitcases

What other services are available at these locations?

We have quite a few services here that we can offer in conjunction with a debit card hire:

Low deposit car hire – on most of these vehicles we can offer a very low deposit of only 2000 MAD (Just £160 / €185), which is just held on your debit card on arrival and released back to you on return. This is much more affordable than a lot of our contemporaries, many of whom have deposits up to 30000MAD (around £2500!).

Young driver car hire – we can offer debit card rentals to anyone over the age of 21 with a licence held for at least a year. Young driver fees are also minimal to none at this location too, so don’t expect to have to bear a huge cost just for being under 25.

As part of being able to hire a car in these locations with the use of a debit card then we had to agree to some conditions in regards to which debit cards we were allowed to accept. They were very specific as to which cards could be allowed, if you wish to find out if your card will be accepted, please contact us.

If you are planning to rent a car in Morocco and don’t have a credit card then please make sure that you contact us directly so that we can ensure you get the right supplier. Simply call our experienced and knowledgeable reservation agents on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or emailing them at [email protected].