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About East London Airport

A small airport located in South Africa serving the city of East London which is in the eastern part of the country, renamed in 1994 it has since had major alterations and increased in size. The airport gets around 20 to 30 flights a day which amounts to around just over 650,000 passengers a year most of which are holiday makers and some are local, about 15% are foreign tourists but visiting from other South African airports as the only destinations to and from East London are to Port Elizabeth, Tambo, Cape Town and Durban airports.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire At East London?

As you may know we have fantastic deals and offers available but best of all we can supply you with the best price available for your given dates and times, we do this by comparing all the prices of the car hire companies at East London airport and then finding the lowest price and then further apply our discounts to it. Along with doing this we will also monitor your booking from when you originally booking it right up until you pick up the car to see if the price decreases in that time, if it does we can then amend the booking and save you even more money.

Our Offers

We have managed to arrange some great offers at East London airport which we have aimed specifically at increasing the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people. Some of the best offers we have arranged here include…

Low Deposit Car Hire
Typically when you hire a car you will have to put down a large deposit as part of this, however this can be majorly inconvenient as majority of people can’t afford to have that large amount held on their card for the duration of their holiday. Unfortunately our no deposit offer wasn’t available therefore we decided to do something about it and managed to arrange a deal that means we have lowered the deposit to £250 far lower than the standard deposit, if you want more information on this then please click this link.

Young Driver Car Hire
If you are under the age of 25 you will realise how hard it can be to hire a car as majority of companies won’t allow you to do so. We have however managed to arrange another deal that means young drivers from the age of 21 given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring can get a vehicle. If you want more information on this deal then please click this link.

Debit Card Car Hire
Car hire without a credit card is very tricky as majority of companies will not allow you to do so for the reason that credit cards are much easier to take funds from. This is exactly what worries people, we of course wanted to help and eventually managed to arrange a deal at this airport in order to be able to bring people debit card car hire however there are some restrictions so if you want all the details then please click this link.

Free Additional Driver
When you plan on hiring a car you may think that you have to be the sole driver to keep costs low, not with us however as our deal means that given if someone in the car with you and at the time of picking the vehicle up is also eligible to hire we can add them to the rental completely free of cost, if you want more information on this then please click this link.

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