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Car Hire Rome Train Station

Car Hire Rome Train Station

Rome has several train stations across the city with rails being one of the most used transport methods in Rome due to the high amount of traffic in cities. The main train station in Rome is Roma Termini, in fact it’s one of the largest stations in the whole of Europe, with 29 platforms that see 150 million passengers each year.

Roma Termini serves all the major Italian cities so is the perfect way to quickly get from one side of the country to the other with the Eurostar Italia. The station was dedicated to Pope John Paul II on the 23rd December 2006 after his death the previous year being the second longest serving pope in history.

Would Hiring A Car At Rome Termini Be Useful?
Yes hiring a car could well be useful despite the traffic, the train station has links between the whole of Italy but if you want to get to a specific destination your best bet is to hire a car as this is much easier. We can do car hire at several destinations close to Rome Termini with great deals, we can offer young driver car hire at the station and we can also offer debit card car hire but this is only available from Rome Fiumicino but you can get a train from Roma Termini directly to the airport which is easy and quick to get.

Young Driver Car Hire Rome Termini

We offer young driver car hire from the age of 19! All you have to have is one year’s driving experience and you are able to hire a car with us. If you are a young driver however you must call us directly so we can organise the specific supplier that will give you the best deal available!

One Way Car Hire

We offer one way car hire from Rome termini to several locations however these are only selected locations so you will have to call us. The one way driver charge can often be at a price that we can keep to an absolute minimum for you, this price will be included in the rental and not as an extra however we will tell you the full cost of the “extra”.

Debit Card Car Hire Rome Termini – Rome Fiumicino Airport

We offer debit card car hire but only from Rome Fiumicino airport which you can get a direct link from the train station to airport. There are restrictions when it comes to hiring a car with a debit card however such as the card must be a Visa Debit card.

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