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Car Hire Messina

About Messina

The 3rd largest city on the island of Sicily and the 13th largest in the whole of Italy is Messina which is located on the north eastern side of Sicily. There are many places to visit and see in Messina including the Cathedral, Church of the Annunziata dei Catalani, Porta Grazia and the fountain of Orion all being branched through the rich history of the location. Another reason it attracts so many is its high average temperatures through the summer months.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

We have managed to arrange several deals and offers but the biggest reason that you should choose us is because we can provide you’re with the lowest price possible. We do this by comparing all the prices available from the various different car hire companies located in Messina, finding the lowest for your given dates and times and then further applying our discounts in order to lower the price even more than the original. On top of doing this we will also monitor your booking from when you first reserve the car right up until you pick up the car, this means that if the price drops any lower as prices are always live we can contact you and amend the booking in order to save you more than originally.

Our Offers

There are many offers we have managed to arrange in Messina, our aim has always been to provide car hire to a wider audience of people whilst arranging these. Some of the best offers we have arranged include…

Free Additional Driver
If you are put off of renting a car by the thought of you being the only driver for the duration of your holiday, don’t be! We have managed to arrange a deal that means we can add an additional driver to your rental given that they are of course qualified themselves to hire, completely free of any cost.

Debit Card Car Hire
Planning on hiring a car without having a credit card? You will quickly notice that this is a pretty hard task as majority of rental companies won’t allow you to make any other form of payment. We have however arranged a deal with a supplier which will allow for us to accept debit cards, given that they meet the set requirements that are in place this is not an issue.

Young Driver Car Hire
Are you under the age of 25? Then we can still help you so there is no need to worry! Our deal with one of the suppliers at Messina means that we can now allow for young drivers to get a car given that they are 21 years old or above and have held their licence for a year prior to hiring with us. There is a young driver additional charge but we will work to ensure this is as low as possible.

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