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Car Hire Saint-Malo

Car Hire Saint-Malo

A walled city right on the English channel its known for its ports, in the past the area was known for its notorious piracy but now that’s obviously quite different with it being a major tourist destination attracting people with ancient buildings and interesting destinations. In recent years the city has massively increased in the amount of population going from the 1960s with a population of 15,000 approximately to now where its well over 51,000.

What to do in Saint-Malo?
There are tons of places to visit mostly historical however there is also quite interesting food as Saint Malo is known for its famous oyster bites. There is also obviously as it’s a walled city the wall which interests many tourists, the Chateau of Saint Malo is now a museum, the Solidor Tower a 14th century building, the Cathedral of St Vincent there is tons of things to do on top of this there is a great must visit national park The Pointe de la Varde.

Should I Hire A Car In Saint Malo?
If you are arriving to Saint Malo most likely way you are going to arrive is through their ports on a ferry from the UK either Poole, Portsmouth or Weymouth thereforewhen you arrive in order to get to surrounding cities such as Paris or Rennes then it’s ideal to hire a car because you won’t have to use an expensive taxi.

An Alternative, Overseas Car Hire
We also offer overseas car hire which may be convenient if you are arriving through the ferry port, we do this with a great low surcharge so it could be a more affordable option if you are coming from the UK as you may not live near the three destinations that travel to Saint Malo. The additional charge is for breakdown insurance when you go abroad just to ensure that you are covered.

Young Driver Car Hire Saint Malo

We also offer young driver car hire at Saint Malo from the age of 21 given that you have had your licence for a year prior to hiring with us. You also will be subject to an additional daily fee which we will fight our hardest to keep to an absolute minimum for you.

Debit Card Car Hire Saint Malo

One of our other great offers is the fact we can do debit card car hire at Saint Malo, this comes with three main restrictions that are in place such as the card must be a Visa Debit card.

No Deposit Car Hire Saint Malo

Struggling to get the funds together for the holiday, the car hire and wait the deposit that comes with that too? We have found a solution for you, we can hire our cars out without a deposit. Sometimes however car rental with no deposit is unavailable due to low availability during peak season therefore we also arranged a backup offer of low deposit car hire which is just the deposit on the full tank of fuel.