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Car Hire Gare d’Avignon

About Avignon TGV

Gare d’Avignon TGV is a train station that is located in the south eastern part of France in the city of Avignon in Vaucluse, the station opened back in 2001. The railway is a TGV station which means it is a high speed rail service, these services go to a variety of different locations including Paris, Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Nantes even to the likes of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt. Since opening the train station has become increasingly popular with both international and internal traffic increasing and adding more routes regularly.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

There are several reasons that you should choose Indigo Car Hire, we have some fantastic deals and offers but most of all, we can get you the best overall price. The way in which we do this is we compare all the available prices from a variety of different car rental companies located in the train station on your given dates, once we have found the lowest we will add our discounts to the cost in order to get it down even more. As well as doing this we will also monitor your booking from when you first book the car up until you pick it up, we do this because prices change, often, therefore if the prices go any lower than the one that you booked in we will alert you and amend the booking to further save you money.

We have managed to arrange several offers in regards to car hire at Avignon TGV, our aim has always been to increase availability to a wider audience of people. Our best offers we have managed to arrange include…

Debit Card Car Hire

Wanting to hire a car but don’t have a credit card to do so? Then don’t worry at Gare d’Avignon TGV we can still help you! Our new deal with a supplier at the railway station means that we can supply cars to people who only have debit cards, the cards however need to meet restrictions that are in place.

Young Driver Car Hire

Are you under the age of 25? Then usually hiring a car can be a bit of a hassle as majority of companies will not give their vehicles to young drivers. This obviously is a slight bit of a problem that we wanted to solve, eventually we found a solution that meant people who are 21 or older and have held their licence for a year prior to picking the vehicle up will be able to hire from us.

Free Additional Driver

Do you want to get a hired car but put off by the fact that you may be the only one driving throughout the whole duration? I don’t blame you that can get tiring! None the less, that’s where we can help, given that someone in the car with you is eligible to hire then we can add them to the rental completely free of cost.

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Excellent service from helpful and knowledgeable people. The only place to go to for car hire using a debit card. Have used them before and will do again, no hesitation in recommending them to others.