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France Car Hire

France Car Hire Services

Indigo Car Hire can offer car hire at most major airports, city locations and train stations throughout France. We have a number of France car hire suppliers that can offer a whole range of vehicles to suit your needs. Whether that be a large people carrier for the family, a small city runabout or a an estate car for a ski break we can find the best all inclusive deal for you.

During winter seasons some locations enforce a mandatory winter pack on all of their vehicles. This is to meet legal requirements within France and this includes snow tyres and/or chains. We also have a whole host of various different optional extras from satellite navigation systems to additional drivers to help make your hire that little bit easier.

It has recently become mandatory for people driving a vehicle in France to carry a breathalyser kit. These kits can be purchased at local garages and shops for approximately €10. Its recommended to purchase two kits and keep them in the vehicle at all times. A fine will be imposed should the local authorities discover you are not carrying at least one unused breathalyser kit.

France Car Hire With A Debit Card

To make hiring easier and accessible to the people that need it we can now offer France Car Hire With A Debit Card. Most rental companies insist on hirer’s providing a major credit card on collection of the vehicle. However we’ve managed to secure a national supplier in France that will allow our customers to use either a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

France Car Hire For Younger Drivers

We also offer France Car Hire For Younger Drivers for people under the age of 25, the restrictions we have set in place are that you must be 18 with a year on your licence prior to hiring with us. This service is available to all car hire locations in France. You also will be subject to an additional daily fee which we have managed to significantly reduce in several cases.

France Car Hire For Senior Drivers

a lot of suppliers in France have an upper age limit of 70 when it comes to renting a car. Not with Indigo, we can provide vehicles all over France with no upper age limit at all, providing the driver has a full valid licence and a form of payment. If you have any questions or would like to book senior driver car hire please give us a call on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at [email protected].

France Car Hire With Unlimited Mileage

France is a large country with lots to see and do, if you want to see just small part of it you will be travelling quite a distance. When booking with some suppliers you are often restricted as to how many miles you can travel over the rental period. However we have now managed to arrange a deal with our suppliers which allows us to offer France Car Hire With Unlimited Mileage. That means that when your hiring a car there is no mileage cap so you don’t have to worry about being surprised by a large bill when you give the car back at the end of the hire.

Car hire at Ski resorts in France

We can now arrange car rental near to most of Frances many ski resorts. With thousands of people visiting France each year to use its famous and exciting ski resorts. Indigo car hire can provide fully equipped hire vehicles with winter tyres, snow chains, ski racks and more. If you are interested in Car hire at Ski resorts in France please contact our team directly.

Convictions and Points

If you have a conviction or points in France such as a DR10 or IN10 maybe even an SP30 then please take a look at our page dedicated to hiring a car with a convictions , it is possible thanks to our fantastic new offer. If you want more information on Driving Convictions do not hesitate to have a chat with our team.

Car Hire With No Deposit in France

Struggling to get the funds together for the holiday, the car hire and wait the deposit that comes with that too? We have found a solution for you, we can offer Car Hire With No Deposit in France. Sometimes however car rental with no deposit required is unavailable due to low availability during peak season therefore we also arranged a backup offer of low deposit car hire which is just the deposit on the full tank of fuel.