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Compare Cheap Car Hire In Egypt

About Egypt

Egypt, officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country that spreads across northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia. While in Egypt, you can expect the temperature to fluctuate throughout the year, the lowest temperatures being in the mid-teens and the highest at nearly 30 Celsius. Egypt is best known for Giza, where you can find the world-famous Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx of Giza. Ancient ruins and medieval buildings are scattered throughout Egypt, if you love history and warm weather, you should consider visiting Egypt.

Car Hire Locations in Egypt

Alexandria Hurghada Airport
Cairo AirportHurghada
Cairo Sharm Elskeikh Sin

Why Choose Indigo For Your Car Hire In Egypt?

We compare prices from all major suppliers to find you the cheapest car hire in Egypt. You can choose to book using one of our many offers that enable you to rent a car when you may not have been able to before. Finally, you will be looked after by our team from before, during and after your booking to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Offers

Debit Card Car Hire In Egypt

Usually when hiring a car, you pay for the rental and deposit on your credit card. The problem with that being that not everyone owns a credit card. We have arranged the solution of car hire with a debit card, providing your card meets some restrictions that have been put in place by the supplier. If you are interested in booking debit card car hire, you must contact us so we can check if your card is eligible for this offer.

Car Hire With A Low Deposit In Egypt

Going on holiday can be expensive, after you have a large deposit held on your card for your car hire, money can be a little short. Give yourself more money to spend while you are on holiday by hiring a car with a low deposit.

Senior Driver Car Hire In Egypt

Once you are over the age of 75 years old, some suppliers will not allow you to hire a car. We have arranged senior driver car hire, this means you can hire up until your 99 years old.

Young Driver Car Hire in Egypt

Travelling as someone under 25 can be a great idea, however some car hire suppliers do not allow drivers under the age of 25 to hire a car. Don’t let this get in the way, we have the solution of young driver car hire. As long as you have held your licence for a least 1 year and are 20 years old or above, we can help. Please be aware that when you hire a car as a young driver it is likely that you will have to pay a small young drivers surcharge.

If you are interested in booking any of the offers above, please get in touch with our team. The reason for this is that some offers are exclusive to certain suppliers so our team will ensure you are placed with a supplier who can accommodate your needs.


Can I hire a car in Egypt if I am older than 75 years old?
Yes, we offer car hire to drivers up until 99 years old.

Can I hire a car in Egypt without my credit card?
Yes, providing your card meets some restrictions, you can use your debit card.

Do you offer the cheapest car hire in Egypt?
We can’t say for sure, but we compare all prices and make use of our offers to find you cheap car hire.

Do you offer young driver car hire in Egypt?
Yes, we offer car to drivers from the age of 20 years old.

Can I hire a car with a low deposit in Egypt?
Yes, we offer low deposit car hire in Egypt.

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