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Car Hire Bulgaria

Bulgaria Car Hire Services

Driving in Bulgaria can be a slightly unnerving experience for the uninitiated as locals who are used to the area and the sometimes poor condition of the roads do not always take into account that some of their fellow drivers may be unfamiliar with the area.

Obviously if you are hiring a car then you will want to avoid damage to the vehicle and having to potentially pay an excess.

One point in particular to bear in mind whilst driving a vehicle especially if is a rental car is that should any damage to the vehicle occur, whether caused by yourself or a third party, you should contact the police and ask them to make note of the incident as you may experience issues later when it comes to insurance claims if not.

Speed Limits in Bulgaria Like all countries, the speed limit in Bulgaria depends on the type of road that you are on and the surrounding area however the general rules to go by are as follows:

  • Motorways – 130 Kilometres per hour (80.77 Miles per Hour)
  • Single Carriageways – 90 Kilometres per hour (55.92 Miles per Hour)
  • Built up areas = 50 Kilometres per hour (31.06 Miles per Hour)

It is important to make sure that you are aware of what the local speed limits are, particularly in a hire car as if you do incur any fines then there is normally an administration charge which can sometimes be almost equal to that of the charge itself.

Road Signs Bulgaria follows the European standards for road signs and most of the road signs are displayed in Latin letters however it is a very good idea to try and familiarise yourself with what the roads signs actually mean before driving out on the open road.

Drink Driving Limits in Bulgaria Whether you are in the UK or in a foreign country then generally the best advice is not to drink at all. This is particularly true in a country like Bulgaria where driving can be challenging at the best of times and you really need to keep your wits about you as even a first offence is likely to result in a considerable prison sentence. In addition to the potential legal impacts,many car hire companies will not rent to anyone that has had a drink driving offence within the last 5 – 10 years. The current blood alcohol limit when driving in Bulgaria is 0.5 mg per ml although as mentioned above, if you do plan on driving, it is much better to avoid alcohol completely!

Car Hire Bulgaria Offers

Our main suppliers for car hire in Bulgaria are well known car rental brands Europcar, Avis and Sixt although depending on which location you are collecting your hire vehicle from, available suppliers will vary.

One thing you can rest assured on is that we only work with the very best suppliers for Bulgarian car hire.

Debit Card Car Hire Bulgaria

We offer debit card car hire in certain Bulgarian locations, debit card car hire however has some restrictions such as the card must be in the name of the main driver of the hire car. We have a tailor made page that gives you all the details you need to know about debit card car hire Bulgaria and the locations in which we can do this deal at.

Young Driver Car Hire Bulgaria

We offer Young Driver Car Hire Bulgaria to drivers who are aged 21 and over, if you are under 25 then we are definitely the best place to come to as in several locations across the globe we have managed to reduce the cost of young driver additional fees.

Low Deposit Car Hire Bulgaria

Struggling to get the funds together for the holiday, the car hire and wait the deposit that comes with that too? We have found a solution for you: Low Deposit Car Hire Bulgaria.

Car Hire Bulgaria With Unlimited Mileage

Bulgaria has lots of places and attractions to visit so you may want to travel quite a distance in your rental car. When booking with some suppliers you are often restricted as to how many miles you can travel over the rental period. However we have now managed to arrange a deal with some suppliers which allows us to offer Car Hire Bulgaria With Unlimited Mileage. That means that when your hiring a car there is no mileage cap so you don’t have to worry about a large excess mileage bill when you give the car back at the end of the hire.

Car Hire from Airports in Bulgaria

We are able to supply car hire from all major airports in Bulgaria including Sofia Airport, Plovdiv Airport, Bourgas Airport and Varna Airport. For more information about suppliers at any of these locations click on the links below:

Car Hire from Downtown Locations in Bulgaria

In addition to the meet and greet services available at most Bulgarian Airports, we also have access to many city centre locations so even after your arrival in Bulgaria we are sure to have a location close to wherever you are staying.

Our city centre locations include Aheloy, Balchick, Burgas, Dobrich, Duni, Golden Sands, Plovdiv and Varna. You can see more information on these locations by following the links below:

Cross Border Car Hire From Bulgaria

One you have booked your car hire with unlimited mileage you may wish to travel to some other countries from Bulgaria. We are Indigo car hire are specialists in arranging cross border rentals so if you needed to collect the vehicle in Bulgaria and travel into other countries, we can offer Cross Border Car Hire From Bulgaria to all of the following countries: Austria,Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia , Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Car Hire Locations in Bulgaria

Bourgas AirportSunny BeachSt Konstantin at Elena
Plovdiv AirportSofia AirportBurgas
Varna AirportAheloy Nesebar

Car Hire Bulgaria FAQs

Can You Get No Credit Card Car Hire Bulgaria? Yes when you book through Indigo in certain locations you can get car hire with a debit card, as long as it meet our restrictions.

Is Van Hire Possible In Bulgaria? Yes, in certain locations in Bulgaria you can hire vans like Ford Transits and Opel Movanos but you must be aged 25 or over to hire this.

Can I Hire Without My Counterpart? You will have to check with us but I’m positive we can arrange this for you are countries in Europe often don’t have to check the counterpart.

Can I Hire With A Convictions In Bulgaria? Yes since there is no counterpart that is checked it doesn’t notify them that you have a conviction meaning you can hire, as long as you aren’t banned at that time of course.

Can You Hire A One Way Car Hire In Bulgaria? Yes when you book through Indigo we will arrange this for you and get you the best price possible no matter what.

Do I Have To Have A Credit Card for Car Hire Bulgaria? We get this question a lot despite being almost identical to the previous one, no you don’t have to have a credit card you can hire with a Visa Debit card.

Whats The Alcohol Limit In Bulgaria? In Bulgaria they do not tolerate drink driving, you are only allowed to drive completely sober any alcohol and you will get a serious fine and court case.

Can You Hire A Car 24 Hours A Day In Bulgaria? Yes, in most airport locations you will be able to hire a car 24 hours a day without an issue.

Can You Hire A Car With No Deposit In Bulgaria? Yes with Indigo this isn’t an issue and we will see if we can get this arrange for you so just give us a call and ask for this deal.

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