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Car Hire Linz Airport

Car Hire Linz Airport

Linz airport formerly known as Blue Danube Airport Linz which is an airport located near the city of Linz within Austria. It’s a relatively small airport with a shop, café, duty free with of course the check in gates. The airport is small and doesn’t have many destinations but it is an international airport, it has regular flights to and from places such as Edinburgh, Palma de Mallorca, Stansted, Tenerife, Ibiza, Cofu and Vienna amongst several other destinations.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire

Car hire is important at Linz airport is around 13.5km from the nearest city, you should choose us because we can get you a cheap price! We compare all the best prices and offers and find you the best from that and then apply our various discounts. Another thing we can do is a freeze when you book price meaning between the times that you book and the time you pick up the car we can alert you if the price drops any lower than the original in which we can then amend the booking and save you even more money than originally.

Our Offers

Over the several years we have been in the car rental industry we have aimed at making deals that will make car hire more available to a wider audience of people. Some of the best we have managed to come up with yet are…

Young Driver Car Hire
If you are under the age of 25 it can often be extremely hard to find a company that will hire a car to you. However we have managed to arrange a deal for these younger drivers, the deal we came up with is that if you are 21 or over and have held your licence for a year prior to hiring then you will be able to hire with us.

No Deposit Car Hire
Wanting to hire a car but can’t afford the car, holiday and the massive deposit that comes with it? We realised this was a huge issue as the deposit was just so much, so what we decided to do was to try and negotiate another deal. We can happily now announce that we can hire out cars with no deposit, we also have an alternative option if this isn’t available to go with a low deposit.

Debit Card Car Hire
Wanting to hire a car without a credit card? This can be a truly daunting task, unless you book with Indigo however. We allow people to hire our cars at Linz airport with a debit card as long as it meets our restrictions.

One Way Car Hire
Want to pick up your car at Linz airport and drop it off at another location within Europe? We can allow this all you have to do is call us to tell us what location you want to drop this off so we can organise this for you, completely hassle free. We will always try and keep prices to an absolute minimum as well.

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