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Car Rental Oregon

About Oregon

A state in the Northwest of the United States with the Pacific Ocean on the coast. The capital of Oregon is Salem yet the most populated city is Portland, it’s not uncommon in the US for the capital not to be the most populated city. Oregon is known for its diverse landscape which include the coast, Cascade Mountain Range, Multnomah Falls, evergreen forests, deserts and the Great Basin which are all complete opposites from one another yet contained within one state.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire?

Indigo offer a discounted price on that if you went straight to the supplier, we get a discount due to the amount of business that we pass the car rental suppliers. We also offer a service of paying upon arrival which means when you call we can lock in the price for you and alert you if it drops any lower between the time of booking and the time that you arrive and pay for your rental as its easily amended if you haven’t made the payment yet.

Our Offers

Over our years of being in the car rental industry we have managed to work out many deals with our suppliers, we arranged most of our deals in order to make car hire available to a much wider audience as the rules are often quite strict. Some of our best deals we have managed to arrange so far are….

Young Driver Car Rental Oregon
People who are under 25 find it extremely hard to hire a car as the insurance companies just simply charge too much. We have however managed to arrange with a certain supplier in Oregon car rental for 21 year olds given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring with us. Please follow this link if you want more information on young driver car hire.

Debit Card Car Rental Oregon
Possibly one of our best offers to date is that we now offer debit card car rental given that your card meets our specific requirements. Usually car rental companies only accept the use of a credit card however we have arranged this with a particular suppliers.

No Deposit Car Rental Oregon
Deposits on renting a car can be extremely high and most people simply can’t afford to have that money frozen on their account. This is where Indigo come in, we have managed to arrange a deal that can bring you car hire with no deposit, however there is a small deposit on the tank of fuel they give you when you collect the car. If you want more information on no deposit car hire then please call us directly or email us.

One Way Car Rental
Want to pick up your car in Oregon and drop it off at another location within the USA we can offer this with a great price. We need to be able to find out if the location that you desire to drop the car off is somewhere that we have a branch. If you want more information on one way car rental then please call us directly or email us.

Free Additional Driver
If you are driving for a long period of time then we suggest you take us up on our offer of a free additional driver. Given that the second driver is eligible and a spouse you may as well add them to the rental as it’s completely free. To see if you can get a free additional driver then please call us directly or email us.

Oregon Car Rental Airport Locations

Portland Airport
Eugene Airport
Klamath Falls Airport
Rogue Valley Medford Airport
Southwest Oregon Airport
Redmond Airport

Oregon Car Rental Downtown Locations

EugeneGrants Pass
GreshamOregon City
BendWest Linn
AlbanyForest Grove
TigardKlamath Falls
Lake OswegoMilwaukie